Auckland Jazz and Blues Club

Welcome to the home of jazz in Auckland
The Club was formed around 1992 to further the interests of Jazz & Blues in Auckland.

The Club has a membership of around 250 and has regular club nights every Tuesday at The Point Chevalier RSA, Great North Rd Pt Chevalier Auckland. These club nights start at 7.30pm and are $5.00 entry for club members ($15.00 to others) Each night features a different local or out of town band for the entertainment. Sometimes an International star makes an appearance




1.      NAME


The name of the Club shall be AUCKLAND JAZZ AND BLUES CLUB INCORPORATED and all contracts entered into, receipts given or documents of which the Club is a party shall bear this name in full.


2.      OBJECTS


The objects for which the Auckland Jazz and Blues Club (hereafter known as the “Çlub”) is established are:


(a)         To promote and further the playing, performance and study of jazz and blues music by concerts, public performances, tuition, encouragement and support to jazz and blues musicians.


(b)         To provide a venue and such facilities as required to meet objectives of the Club.


(c)          To generally do and carry out all things that are likely to further or promote music, musicians and social activities between Club members.


(d)         To welcome and entertain visiting musicians, both from overseas and from New Zealand.


(e)         To purchase, take on, lease or otherwise acquire, any lands, buildings or other property which may be requisite for the purposes of, or conveniently used in connection with any of the objects of the Club and to sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise dispose of the same.


(f)            To do such other lawful things in furtherance of the objectives of the Club.




Any person of a good character shall be eligible for admission to the Club as a Member. A candidate for admission as a Member, shall be proposed by a Member of the Club.


(a)         There shall be three categories of membership.

(i)                 Playing Member

(ii)               Non-­‐playing Member

(iii)             Life Member


(b)         The Management Committee shall determine the category of membership pm consideration of the application form and fix such joining fees as considered applicable.


(c)          The admission of any Member shall be determined by the Management Committee whose determination shall be final. The Management Committee shall have the right to refuse admission to any proposed member without assigning any reason for so doing.


(d)         Every Member, upon acceptance, shall be furnished with a card of membership with the Member’s name written thereon. The card must be produced to any Member of the Management Committee upon request.


(e)         A Member may at any time retire from the Club by giving to the Secretary notice in writing of the Member’s wish to do so by the 1st day of July in each year, failing which the Member shall be liable for the full subscription for the ensuing year.


(f)            The Management Committee may expel from membership, any Member willfully disobeying any of these rules, or who is three (3) months in arrears with the annual subscription, or guilty of any conduct rendering such member unfit, in the opinion of The Management Committee, to be a Member of the Club. Such expulsion shall be at the absolute discretion of The Management Committee and upon such terms as it deems fit.



The Management of the Club shall be vested in an Executive Board and a Management Committee.


(a)         The Executive Board shall consist of three (3) persons elected by the Management Committee and who must be members of the Club.


(i)                 The function of the Executive Board is to safeguard the aims and objects of the Club.


(ii)               The Executive Board shall have the power to act in any area of the Club’s activities where any action is considered necessary or desirable to substantially alter or affect in any manner, the established objectives of the Club.


(iii)             The Executive Board shall be responsible for and have ultimate control over the Club’s assets.


(iv)              The Chairperson of the Executive Board shall be elected by the members of the Executive Board.


(v)                The Chairperson of the Executive Board shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberative role.


(vi)              At each Annual General Meeting one of the three (3) elected member of the Executive Board shall retire. The retiring member will be the member who has held office the longest time since the last election or appointment.


(vii)            As between persons who become members of Executive Board at the same time, the member to retire shall (unless otherwise agreed among themselves) be determined by lot.


(viii)          A retiring officer of the Executive Board shall be eligible for re-­‐ election.


(ix)              An election to fill the vacated position o Executive Board shall be held at the first available Management Committee meeting.


(x)                The elected President of the Club shall be an ex-­‐officio member of the Executive Board.


(b)         The Management Committee shall consist of

(i)                 President

(ii)               Vice-­‐President

(iii)             Secretary

(iv)              Treasurer/ Business Manager

(v)                Marketing and Promotions Convenor

(vi)              Social Convenor

(vii)            Club Night Co-­‐coordinator


(c)          The Management Committee shall have the power at a duly convened meeting to forma sub-­‐committee for the purpose of making tentative enquiries and arrangements for any particular functions. The sub-­‐ committee shall, when appointed, be given full details of –

(i)                 What evaluation and/or arrangements they are expected to make

(ii)               To what extent they may commit the Club financially.


(d)         The Management Committee shall be empowered to co-­‐opt any Club Member for a specified time as an Acting Management Committee Member when specialized knowledge is required. The Management Committee shall at the time of making the appointment the appointment specify what rights and powers co-­‐opted Member(s) shall  have.


(e)         The Management Committee shall fill any casual vacancies in the Management Committee. Preference shall be given to the next highest polling nominee for the vacated position, from the Annual General Meeting.



At any time prior to or during the course of the Annual General Meeting of the Club, nominations shall be called for, and when duly seconded, handed to any member of the Management Committee for presentation at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of there being more nominees than offices, election will be determined by vote. In the event of two or more nominees receiving the same number of votes the Chairperson of the Annual General Meeting shall have a casting vote, as well as a deliberative vote.




Members shall pay such subscriptions as may be determined by the Management Committee who shall have the power to vary the same at any time. Annual subscriptions shall be payable in advance on or before the 1st August in each year.


(a)         No Member whose subscription is in arrears may vote at any meeting, and may, at the discretion of the Management Committee, be barred from the use of the Club Rooms or any facilities connected therewith.


7.      MEETINGS


Once in every calendar year not less than eleven (11) months from the date of the previous General Meeting there should be held a General Meeting of all Club Members and shall be known as the ”Annual General Meeting’’ and each Club Member shall receive at least seven (7) days notice accompanied by an Agenda of such a meeting. Notice shall be deemed served by affixing the necessary documents to the Club Notice Boards.


(a)         The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:


(i)                 The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting shall be read by the Secretary for adoption by the Meeting.


(ii)               Business arising from these minutes.


To receive a report and summary of the year’s activities from the President.


To present (for discussion and approval) duly audited annual accounts in the prescribed form


(iii)             To elect and install a new Management Committee


To appoint an auditor to hold office for twelve (12) months or until the next Annual General Meeting. The auditor shall not be a member of the Executive or Management Committee.


To decide upon any proposal or matter and transact any other business which may be duly submitted to the meeting.


(b)         The Management Committee shall meet at such times as may be deemed necessary for the transaction of general business. The President or in his/her absence, any two members of the Committee shall have the power at all times to instruct the Secretary to call a meeting of the Management Committee.


(c)      The Management Committee may, for any special purpose, call an Extraordinary General Meeting and shall forthwith do so on the requisition in writing of any seven (7) Members, apart from the Committee members, stating the purpose for which the meeting is required. Notice of such an Extraordinary General Meeting, and the purpose for which t is summoned, shall be notified to Members fourteen (14) days before holding the same. The procedure of such a meeting and the rights of members to be present and vote there shall be the same in all respects as those provided in regard to the Annual General Meeting.

The business to be transacted at such meeting shall be confined to those items stated in the Notice.


8.      VOTING


Subject to the provisions of these rules each member shall have one vote either (where applicable) as a member in Management Committee or at any Annual general or Extraordinary General Meeting. The voting at the General meetings shall be by show of hands (or if demand be made by two members by secret ballot)



9.      QUORUM


The quorum at Management Committee Meetings shall be four (4) Committee Members present in person and at General Meetings shall be seven (7) Club Members in present person.




The control and investment of the Club funds shall be under the authority of the Management Committee and the Executive Board.


(a)         The funds of the Club shall consist of money received from subscriptions, donations, performances and any other source acceptable to the Executive Board.


(b)         The funds of the Club shall be under the control of the Management Committee for the purposes of the normal running of the day to day affairs of their value or use to the Club which includes the reasonable purchase of goods and services but not excluding the right of the Executive Board to exercise ultimate control over the Clubs assets.




The Management Committee may borrow by resolution of the Management Committee but subject to, at all times, the specific authorization and approval of the Executive Board.




Any Member breaking or damaging any of the furniture or other property of the Club shall replace or pay for the same such sum not exceeding the value of the article broken or damaged as the Management Committee may think proper.




As a guideline these shall be – The President shall –

(i)  ) Preside as Chairman of all Management and General Meetings.


(ii)  During the course of the meetings preserve order and discipline and ensure that the generally accepted practices and procedures as to conduct and rule of debates are observed.